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The zero-rate loan

What is the zero-rate loan?

The zero-rate loan (PTZ) is a support system for the homeownership of low- and middle-income households. This is a property loan with no application fee and whose interests are the responsibility of the State, intended for the purchase of a new home or to rehabilitate. It is awarded, subject to resources, to people who have not owned for at least two years.

The repayment term of the loan can not exceed 25 years. Its amount is calculated according to the geographical area, the composition and the resources of the home. But, depending on the resources of the household, the repayment can be delayed by 5, 10 or 15 years.

You can only benefit from a PTZ if you have not owned your principal residence in the 2 years preceding the loan. In addition, the PTZ can not finance the entire purchase of your home. It must therefore be completed by one or more other loans.

Failure to comply with rental commitments results in the loss of tax incentives. Investing in real estate involves risks

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